Helen Chen, MD


Dr Helen Chen, is a board certified radiation oncologist and trained at UC Irvine and the City of Hope Medical Center. She has practiced radiation oncology in Southern California for 20 years. She currently practices as the Medical Director of the Department of Radiation Oncology at the City of Hope/South Pasadena. Dr. Chen grew up in Monterey Park, California, in a family that has been dedicated to public service. Her mother has a Masters in social work. Dr. Chen received her bachelor’s degree with distinction from Stanford University and attended UC San Francisco Medical School. She has been on the board of various Asian American physician organizations. Her spouse and in-laws are of Japanese descent, and she has been an active member of the Japanese American Medical Association, most recently on their Scholarship Committee. Dr. Chen is highly interested in the mental health aspects of all patients, and in particular Asian American and Japanese American patients who often do not have adequate access to psychological services due to lack of education, insurance resources, language barriers, and cultural beliefs.