Why Is It Important For CJMH To Value Transparency?

We realize that to effectively partner with you we need to operate with the utmost integrity and transparency.Why? Because you won’t partner with someone you don’t trust. We do not want any grey areas in our operations, therefore we aggressively seek to institute transparent activities.

How Do We Pursue Transparency?

CJMH’s board is committed to policies that ensure our transparency. We believe that effective transparency requires good communication. We are committed to accounting for every penny that is donated to us. We are also committed to providing our partners regular updates on the status of our projects. You can track the status of projects by clicking [here].

How Do I Know Where My Money Goes?

CJMH promises to put the money you donate towards its stipulated goal. If you want to support a scholarship, then that is where the money goes. In order to cover administrative expenses CJMH has instituted a policy where 20% of all donations go to cover costs directly related to those particular projects. If you would prefer to opt-out of this, all you need to do is to inform us of your desire.

How Does CJMH Cover Operating Expenses?

Our goal is to avoid the expenses which come from developing a massive bureaucratic structure on US soil. Often, large organizations are a drain on donated funds and result in a marked decrease in effectiveness through adaptability. Since we are committed to maintaining a small organization in the US, our operating costs remain remarkably small. However, we do seek ongoing partnerships with angel investors and private donors to cover our operating expenses in addition to the deduction for administrative expenses.