Disaster Relief

Telephone Counseling

CJMH offers telephone and Skype counseling to Japanese-speaking caregivers, relief workers and social workers assisting in Japan’s recovery efforts in the earthquake and tsunami ravaged regions of Japan.

The Japanese government does not regulate clinical psychologists or psychotherapists, and Japanese insurance companies do not cover their services. The certifications for the Japanese versions of these vocations only require about 10% of the training hours required by California’s Board of Behavioral Sciences. Not surprisingly, Japan psychologists and psychotherapists are prohibited from making diagnoses. CJMH counselors provide telephone counseling and refer patients in Japan with severe diagnoses to Japanese licensed psychiatrists and/or psychiatric hospitals for confirmation of their diagnoses and for further treatment. If determined to be sufficiently stable for outpatient treatment or in the case of a non-severe diagnosis, patients can continue treatment by telephone counseling with CJMH or seek treatment from a Japan psychiatrist.

Professional Development

CJMH is prioritizing the development of PTSD workshops to train mental health practitioners and social workers in Japan to properly identify symptoms of PTSD so patients can be referred to psychiatrists for diagnosis and treatment. Alternatively, patients can be referred for telephone counseling by licensed psychotherapists in California for both diagnosis and treatment. CJMH is developing the workshop syllabus and materials in Los Angeles and piloting the workshop locally. Once sufficient funding is obtained, a subsequent pilot will be run in Japan to elicit additional feedback. When the course material is deemed ready and additional funding is secured, the workshop will be offered to regional mental health centers across Japan.